SDG session at BAZ-RRR

Last week we were part of a presentation organized by BAZ-RRR galleria & brasserie on the opening night of FUTARA’s Immerse innovation week. We were very excited to be in a room with so many intelligent people who all have the same goal: Make a global impact by making many small & local changes.

Just like the other speakers, we informed the people who were there about the ScubbleBubbles. So we told them what we do (Coral restoration, reef surveys, beach cleanups, reef cleanups etc.) and why we’re doing it. Of course we also told them what they can do to help Aruba’s reefs.

We were honored to be a part of this information night and we hope to give many more presentations, just like this one, in the near future.

As part of FUTURA’s Immerse week, they opened the Futura Cafe – a place for innovators to meet and inspire each other. They also opened SPACES. SPACES is kind of like a gallery or immersive art exhibit with impactful and engaging pieces. We are excited to have been given a ‘space’ to illustrate what is happening to the oceans. We also have some 360 videos from our coral nursery loaded on VR headsets! Come check it out, for free! Spaces is open Monday-Friday from 3- 8pm downtown at Caya G.F. Betico Croes 16-18 (former Shana).

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